A novel

I have been writing this novel, working title ‘Better Late than Never,’ over the course of the past year or so. It emerged in draft form over New Year’s eve 2018. It describes a ‘Rakes Progress’ of an executive coach as he navigates his way through life’s travails. He is not me by the way. I wrote the following from Bangkok as I neared my destination the following

‘Without knowing it my to weeks here have been about seeking a deeply familiar, infuriating, but loved space to push this book through. I may be deluded but last week was a wonderful blitz of turning fragments of the novel into some kind of coherence.  Then this weekend hit the buffers. The crisis for the protagonist was clear but was crowded out with too many possibilities, too many alternative endings. Such a painful process, this, the pain of parturition. 
By way of escape, i partied spontaneously last night at a place i knew well from 25 years ago. The party was a release, a hello to my younger self and also hello to this incarnation. After two hours sleep – and some galling reading of `brexit antics – i set to the task of a rough draft of the whole thing towards where the ending beckoned. After much discarding, what a thrill, a visceral thrill, I feel I have the whole thing in flow right to the end.  There is much polishing and editing to be done but i am best when the flow is on and it was today. And so i will return Sunday, without a tan, but with this feeling as though the flow is there, and momentum and coherence gained. No doubts will come shouting in, but for the moment, I savour this push and return to England to say – you know i might be a writer – and here it is.  Publishing and all of that might follow but you know what?  For now it is the landing on an ending that matters. ‘

Nearly four months on from that glorious moment, I have been in receipt of much generous feedback from readers of this first draft that has both inspired me – and given pause for thought. Now is the time to return to the novel mill. It has mulched long enough.

I attach below a draft sample chapter of this novel. I wish you happy reading

The Clifton Club.